Laboratory Quality Sytems Expert Committee Releases Working Draft Standard for Comment

Date Posted: 6-26-2011

TNI's Laboratory Quality Sytems Expert Committee has voted to release proposed changes to Volume 1 of the environmental laboratory sector standards. The proposed changes affect Modules 2-7 of this standard. Comments on the proposed changes will be considered verbally at a public meeting of this committee on August 17 in Bellevue, WA and by email until September 1, 2011. Comments should be sent to the committee chair, Silky Labie at The committee has also prepared a summary of the proposed changes (click here).

Working Draft Standards

Volume 1, Management and Technical Requirements for Laboratories Performing Environmental Analysis:

Module 2: Quality Systems General Requirements
Module 3: Quality Systems for Asbestos Testing
Module 4: Quality Systems for Chemical Testing
Module 5: Quality Systems for Microbiological Testing
Module 6: Quality Systems for Radiochemical Testing
Module 7: Quality Systems for Toxicity Testing