New TNI Policies and Procedures Approved

Date Posted: 2-25-2008

Over the past few months the TNI Policy Committee has working to finalize several administrative policies and procedures. The following policies and procedures have been adopted by the Board of Directors:

POL-100 Creating General Policies for TNI
POL-101 Conflicts of Interest
POL-102 Ethical Conduct of TNI Members
POL-103 Use of TNI Logos and Marks
SOP 1-100 Format Guidelines for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) of The NELAC Institute (TNI)
SOP 1-101 Operations of TNI Committees and Program Boards
SOP 1-102 Decision-Making Rules for TNI Committees and Boards

These documents may be found here.

The Policy Committee welcomes any comments or questions you may have on these documents.