EPA's Environmental Response Laboratory Network Looking for NELAC Laboratories

Date Posted: 3-9-2010

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would like to invite all NELAC accredited laboratories to participate in the Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN).
EPA recently launched an open solicitation to commercial and public laboratories for membership in the ERLN. The ERLN program is based on a quality management system consistent with NELAC and ISO 17025 standards, which is ideal for TNI accredited laboratories. TNI laboratories will play an invaluable role in the network given their extensive capability and capacity to analyze contaminants in environmental media. 

The ERLN is an all hazards/all environmental media network of laboratories with the capability and capacity to analyze toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and other chemical, biological and radiological contaminants in multiple matrices. Though originally designed to address catastrophic events, network laboratories may also be used to support smaller events. 

Benefits to member laboratories include:

  • the opportunity to participate in vital national homeland security and response efforts;
  • reimbursements from EPA for eligible services during routine and large scale events;
  • membership in the Water Laboratory Alliance (WLA), for laboratories with drinking water capability; and
  • listing in EPA’s Compendium of Environmental Testing Laboratories, a secure  Web-based system that includes the analytical capabilities of over 500 environmental laboratories available to EPA, Federal, State, and local emergency responders.

Please visit the ERLN website at www.epa.gov/erln for program information, fact sheets, or to obtain a membership application.  The current solicitation is posted through March 30, 2010, with a potential extension date of June 25, 2010.

For general inquiries related to the program, please contact the ERLN Helpdesk at
(703) 818-4200 or [email protected].