Website Update

Date Posted: 3-7-2015

The TNI website has undergone several major revisions over the years.  Most of those updates focused on adding content and features - the Education Delivery System, the SSAS Central Database, and so on.  Today, we are pleased to announce the latest major update to the TNI website.  The theme of this update is making your experience on the TNI website easier.  Here are some highlights:

  • Making information easier to find.  The TNI website has always contained a wealth of useful information, but finding that information was often a challenge. To address this, the website's menus have been redesigned from the ground up.  The menus are now organized by TNI Program, and provide a comprehensive view of information relevant to each.  Feel free to explore - you may discover features you never realized were there!
  • Making information easier to access.  The internet is no longer confined to desktop PCs; many people are just as likely to surf the web with a smartphone or tablet.  To bring the TNI website up-to-date with the way people use the internet today, the website has been redesigned to adapt automatically to the way you are accessing it.  Open the website on a PC, and the website will show full menus and stretch to make better use of your screen than before.  Open the website on a smartphone, and the website automatically optimizes menus, images, and text for a small screen.  Menus and other clickable buttons are also now all responsive to touchscreen use.  Some areas of the website, such as LAMS, do not yet feature this new accessible design, but over 90% of the website is now viewable, and usable, via smartphone.
  • Making TNI easier to follow.  In addition to the RSS feed that was previously available, we have added a button at the bottom of each page so that you can easily follow TNI on Twitter.  News that is posted on the TNI website will also be posted to our Twitter feed @nelacinstitute.
  • Making information easier to save.  Previously, when you printed or made a PDF of a TNI webpage, that page included extraneous material such as menus, graphics, and other formatting that interfered with the information you wanted to save.  Most pages of the TNI website have now been updated to print without that interfering material, meaning your printouts and PDFs will be clearer and better represent the information on the webpage.  Just use the print function built in to your browser to try it out.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the website, please contact William Daystrom at [email protected], or use the website's contact form.