Request for Comments on the Revised Draft Standard Environmental Laboratory Sector Volume 1 Module 3, Management and Technical Requirements for Laboratories Performing Environmental Analysis; Quality Systems for Asbestos Testing

Date Posted: 4-20-2022

The TNI Asbestos Expert Committee is providing for your review and comment the following documents:

  • A Revised Draft Standard for EL V1M3(rev.3.0-4.20.2022) that has been modified from the original DS based upon comments received and determined to be persuasive. (click here to view PDF)
  • A Final updated Response to Comments file (R2C) is also attached for review. (click here to download)

The comment period will be open for ninety (90) calendar days, in accordance with revisions to the Consensus Standards Development SOP 2-100, located at  The NELAP Accreditation Council may request a thirty (30) day extension of this comment period.  Please send any comments and proposed revised text to both Michelle McGowan ([email protected]), Chair of Asbestos Committee and Robert Wyeth ([email protected]), the Program Administrator (PA) for the Asbestos Expert Committee.  All comments will be tracked by the PA and you will be notified of the committee’s response to your comment after all comments are considered and addressed if they are deemed persuasive.

You are invited to provide comments on any portion of the Revised Draft Standard, as you see fit.  We do ask that you provide alternative wording that would address your concern whenever possible.  As with prior revisions of TNI standards, all comments will be ruled either persuasive, non-persuasive, or editorial by the committee, and addressed accordingly.  If substantive or controversial changes are required to the Revised Draft Standard, another iteration of Revised Draft Standard will be re-presented for public comment.