Response-to-Comments Posted for Microbiology Draft Standard (EL V1M5)

Date Posted: 9-16-2023

The TNI Microbiology Expert Committee is providing for your review and any further comment the following Response-to-Comments (R2C) document. This R2C presents all comments received within the prescribed comment period for the DS originally posted on 8/9/2021.

Response to Comments (Excel)

A number of these comments were deemed persuasive by the committee and will require a Revised DS to be prepared. Upon posting of that Revised DS, an additional comment period will be available for all interested parties. The R2C will again be utilized/expanded to include all additional comments received during the comment period and re-posted when all new comments have been addressed.

Any questions and/or concerns regarding the content of this initial R2C should be addressed to Cody Danielson ([email protected]) the Chair of the Microbiology Expert Committee and to Ilona Taunton ([email protected]), the Program Administrator for the Committee.