Clarification on Approved PT Providers

Date Posted: 1-13-2012

On January 21, 2011, the TNI Board approved ACLASS as a second Proficiency Test Provider Accreditor (PTPA).  See  Some PT Providers are now obtaining their accreditation from ACLASS and this has resulted in some states indicating these providers are no longer approved since they are no longer accredited by A2LA.  TNI would like everyone to know that either organization is acceptable as a PTPA and thus any PT provider accredited by either organization is qualified to perform PT studies according to the TNI requirements.  Currently, the following organizations are accredited PT Providers. 

Absolute Standards, Inc.

Environmental Resource Associates, Inc.

NYS DOH Environmental Laboratory Approval Program

NSI Solutions, Inc.

Resource Technology Corporation (RTC)

Wibby Environmental

TNI maintains a list of approved providers on the PT Program page (