Formation of the Air Proficiency Testing Expert Committee

Date Posted: 5-7-2008

As TNI moves forward with developing an accreditation program for field sampling and measurement organizations, the TNI Consensus Standards Development Board has decided to form a new expert committee to develop consensus standards for the manufacture (and analysis) of air proficiency testing for source emission testing.  TNI is looking for volunteers to serve on this committee, especially state and federal regulators who have experience in source emission testing, and chemists that have expertise in analyzing air samples.  If you are interested in participating on this committee, please complete this special application form.

Committee applications will be considered until May 30, 2008.  An initial core committee of 10 individuals will be selected from the pool of applicants by the TNI Consensus Standards Development Board and the committee will begin teleconference calls in June.  The first face-to-face meeting of this committee will be August 10, 2008, in Washington, DC at the next TNI Forum on Laboratory Accreditation.

Volunteers who agree to serve on this committee will be expected to participate in monthly conference calls and attend the bi-annual face-to-face committee meeting held in conjunction with TNI conferences.  With the exception of affiliate members as defined in TNI’s Procedures Governing Standards Development, all committee members must be members of TNI.  Any individual not selected to be on the committee may fully participate in the committee’s activities as Associate Committee Members.

Although the focus of this committee is on proficiency testing, the PT samples developed as a result of this program may also have utility as air audit samples used in source emission testing.

For more information about the ANSI-accredited consensus standards process used by TNI, or any other questions about the formation of this new committee, contact TNI Executive Director Jerry Parr at 817-598-124 or [email protected].