Small Laboratory Advocate

Date Posted: 5-7-2008

TNI is committed to implementing a national cost-effective accreditation program that addresses the needs of everyone: small laboratories, large laboratories, regulators, and data users. TNI also recognizes that concerted outreach is needed to better engage and be responsive to key participants.


Addressing the concerns of small laboratories is integral to accomplishing TNI’s vision. The small laboratory community could be served more strategically and efficiently by appointing an advocate functioning within the Technical Assistance and Advocacy Committees. TNI is seeking a motivated individual to become an advocate of and for small laboratories. The Small Laboratory Advocate would serve as the focal point for small laboratory concerns within TNI.



The Small Laboratory Advocate will be the principal link between TNI and the small laboratory community by:

  • Seeking actively the opinions, ideas, and viewpoints of the small laboratory community regarding accreditation.

  • Presenting TNI’s positions and ideas on accreditation to appropriate small laboratory associations and groups outside of TNI.

  • Answering questions internally and externally regarding small laboratory issues and implementation of accreditation standards.

  • Serving in the Advocacy and Technical Assistance Committees as a full voting member.

  • Advising TNI on the most effective means to promote the participation of small laboratories in TNI programs.

  • Raising the visibility within TNI of small laboratory concerns by attending regularly face-to-face meetings and teleconferences.


The ideal Small Laboratory Advocate candidate should:

  • Understand the unique concerns of small laboratories regarding accreditation.

  • Have a strong belief in the desirability of establishing a national laboratory accreditation program.

  • Communicate effectively and credibly with small laboratories and TNI members.

  • Analyze, synthesize, and relay information in terms that can be understood by laboratories less familiar with accreditation.

  • Possess superior problem-solving skills.

Although not required, good candidates would be employed by, or otherwise connected to a small laboratory or a small laboratory organization.



This is a voluntary position without remuneration. TNI recognizes that some individuals may have difficulty securing funding to attend TNI meetings. TNI’s resources to support the travel expenses of the Small Laboratory Advocate are very limited and TNI would prefer that applicants fund their own travel costs through their current employers or other alternatives. TNI will not exclude applicants lacking consistent funding for travel expenses.



TNI will provide the following items in support of this position:

  • A dedicated area on the TNI website where information on small laboratory issues can be posted.

  • Assistance from TNI staff for clerical issues, research, and general support.

  • Space for a column in the TNI newsletter.

  • Time for a presentation at the annual TNI meeting.

  • Complimentary membership in TNI.

  • Free copies of all TNI laboratory accreditation standards.


All applications will be reviewed by an ad-hoc group formed from the members of the TNI Technical Assistance and Policy Committees. This subcommittee will develop a list of up to five names for consideration by the TNI Board of Directors who will make the final selection.


The Small Laboratory Advocate will be appointed to a one-year term that may be renewed for an additional year.



There are no established rules for what constitutes a small laboratory. One state agency has defined a small laboratory as one with 10 or fewer analysts. One definition is that the laboratory performs a limited suite of analyses for only one customer, usually their own organization. Another definition is that the laboratory does not have a full-time dedicated quality assurance manager. If you think your laboratory meets one of these criteria, or you believe you can represent the interests of small laboratories, please submit an application to be the TNI Small Laboratory Advocate.