Stationary Source Audit Sample Working Draft Standards Posted

Date Posted: 12-17-2008

The recently formed Stationary Source Audit Sample Expert Committee has voted to release three TNI Working Draft Standards for review and comment during the Forum on Laboratory Accreditation in January 2009 in Miami, FL. The three Working Draft Standards are intended to enable the externalization of the EPA’s Stationary Source Audit Program (SSAP). The documents address the overall roles and responsibilities of the entities that participate in the SSAP, the specific responsibilities of stationary source audit sample providers, and the specific responsibilities of provider accreditors.

Requirements For Participation In The TNI Stationary Source Audit Sample Program (PDF, 40KB)
General Requirements For An Accreditor Of Stationary Source Audit Sample Providers (PDF, 53KB)
General Requirements For Stationary Source Audit Sample Providers (PDF, 169KB)

In accordance with the TNI Procedures Governing Standards Development, these Working Draft Standards will be discussed publicly at the Miami meeting. Interested parties may also submit written comments to the Expert Committee until January 29, 2009. Written comments should be directed to the Chair, Maria Friedman.