Evaluators Needed for NEFAP

Date Posted: 9-15-2010

The next step in the TNI NEFAP recognition is to assign evaluators for the evaluation of ABs for recognition.  Please send your resume to Ilona Taunton, Evaluation Coordinator, at [email protected], and to Marlene Moore, Chair NEFAP Executive Committee, at [email protected].

In order to be an evaluator, you must be able to meet the following qualifications:

Personnel selected as NEFAP evaluators will be required to take web-based training to review the TNI recognition process, review the additional TNI requirements for ISO/IEC 17011 and address any questions from the evaluators.  It is expected that the TNI training will be offered through sponsorship from a variety of organizations.  Evaluators are volunteers with expenses paid by their own organizations.

The following additional requirements are taken from NEFAP SOP 5-105:

All evaluation team members must comply with the policies of the TNI NEFAP Executive Committee and the following criteria:

The NEFAP evaluation team shall:

  • have at least one member of the NEFAP evaluation team who meets the education, experience and training requirements for FSMO assessors specified in Section 5; and
  • have at least one other member with experience that includes at least one of the following:
    • qualification as a lead assessor from an assessor training program recognized by TNI;
    • one year of experience implementing an accreditation program; or
    • one year experience developing or participating at a managerial level in FSMO or related accreditation programs.
  • have documentation (Appendix A) that verifies freedom from any conflict of interest that would compromise acting in an impartial nondiscriminatory manner.
  • All experience required by this subsection must have been acquired within the five year period immediately preceding appointment as a NEFAP evaluation team member.

The Lead Evaluator (LE) is responsible for planning activities.  All members of the evaluation team must be involved to ensure that the evaluation is well planned and consistent with the evaluations of other ABs.

The LE provides direction to the evaluation team throughout the evaluation process.

The LE is responsible for obtaining consensus of the evaluation team for the final recommendation of AB recognition status to the NEFAP Board.

The LE reviews and approves all reports sent to the AB by the Evaluation Coordinator.


Selection of the Evaluation Team

The NEFAP Executive Committee approves the evaluation team. The evaluation team shall include:

  • a representative of another IAF/ILAC and NEFAP  recognized AB;
  • a technical expert knowledgeable in the scope (this may be one or more) and without a COI; and
  • a representative of the users of the FSMO services (data user or FSMO users)

All evaluation team members work under the direction of the LE.