Voting Draft Standards for the Stationary Source Audit Sample Program

Date Posted: 5-15-2009

TNI is pleased to announce the publication of the voting draft standards (below) for any TNI member to consider and provide a vote (links will open in a new window):

General Requirements For Stationary Source Audit Sample Providers
Volume 1, Module 1 (PDF, 145KB)

General Requirements For An Accreditor Of Stationary Source Audit Sample Providers
Volume 1, Module 2 (PDF, 54KB)

Requirements For Participation In The TNI Stationary Source Audit Sample Program
Volume 1, Module 3 (PDF, 40KB)

As stated in TNI’s Policies Governing Standards Development, any TNI member may vote on any of these Voting Draft Standards by voting:

  • Affirmative,
  • Affirmative with comment,
  • Negative with comment, or
  • Abstain.

In order to vote, you must log in to the Members Only area of the website and click on SSAS Vote.  The ballot must be returned by 12:01am EDT, June 30, 2009 to be considered.  All comments will be considered at the meetings of the SSAS Expert Committee in San Antonio, Texas on August 11, 2009.  The meetings are open to the public, and you do not need to be present for your comment to be considered.

Because this is a critical step in the consensus process used by TNI for standards development, only those comments that are provided with a ballot during this voting period will be considered at the San Antonio meeting.  No additional comments will be accepted during the public meeting on the Voting Draft Standards, but, as time permits, such comments may be considered for a future revision.

After the San Antonio meeting, the SSAS Expert Committee will begin their efforts to develop the Final Standards.  This process may occur quickly if very few negative votes are received, or may take longer if significant revisions to the Voting Draft Standards are required.

If everything proceeds according to the expected schedule, the Final Standards should be adopted by TNI no later than September, at which time the Final Standards would be available for other organizations to use.

These documents are the result of many hours of effort by those volunteers on the SSAS Expert Committee. The TNI Board of Directors wishes to thank all of these volunteers for their efforts.


Jerry Parr
Executive Director