Notice of Proposed Standards Activity

Date Posted: 6-7-2017

The NELAC Institute (TNI) Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Expert Committee seeks to modify Volume 1 Module 7 (Quality Systems for Toxicity Testing) of the TNI Environmental Laboratory Sector 2016 standard. The current Module 7 is unchanged from the 2009 Standard. The module had been revised in 2012, but the newly formed WET Committee proposed to postpone the adoption of the 2012 revision, because the 2009 version of Module 7 better met the criteria and requirements of WET testing. Furthermore, the Committee wanted time to review the WET standard (Module 7) to make any appropriate modification from a WET perspective.

Pursuant to Section 5.2.1 of SOP 2-100 v2 (available on the TNI website) input is solicited from stakeholders and stakeholder groups who may subsequently adopt this standard as accreditation bodies, may be accredited to the standard, or may use data from accredited testing laboratories. Those who are interested in participating and providing input into this standards development process are invited to contact, within 30 days, the WET Expert Committee Chair, Dr. Rami Naddy, at 970-416-0916 or through e-mail [email protected]. The WET Expert Committee will then arrange to meet with interested stakeholders by webinar.