Nominations Open for NEFAP Executive Committee until 3/10/17

Date Posted: 2-10-2017

The NEFAP Executive Committee is accepting nominations for positions on the Committee.  Everyone is welcome to apply and you may self nominate or nominate anyone that would be willing to serve.  The application forms may be found on the website (  Nominations will close on March 10, 2017, so please have your applications submitted by that date.

The committee has two members rotating off the committee (1 - FSMO, 1 - Other) and has room for additional candidates. Please note that candidates must be chosen from different organizations and the term is for three years.
Additional Information:
SOP 5-103 (TNI NEFAP Nominating Committee) defines “Other” as:
This stakeholder group can include federal agencies, regulated industries, and other stakeholder groups such as PT or audit sample providers, vendors, contractors, consultants, and non-NEFAP recognized accreditation bodies among others.