Presentation of Interim Standard - V1M4 (Calibration) on June 18, 2014

Date Posted: 6-3-2014

The EL-V1M4 (Calibration) Voting Draft Standard (VDS), dated March 2013, was approved by the membership.  Pursuant to SOP 2-100 (Procedures Governing Standards Development), changes were made to the standard as a result of persuasive comments received from voters.  It is now presented as an Interim Standard (IS) to those stakeholder groups who may subsequently adopt, use, or be accredited to the standard. Any stakeholder or stakeholder group is invited to discuss the changes with the TNI Chemistry Expert Committee and to submit any further comments on the changes.  As a result of this input, the Chemistry Expert Committee may further modify the IS.

A webinar has been scheduled on June 18, 2014 at 11:00 am EDT for presentation and discussion of this IS. Stakeholders will be provided 30 days after the webinar to submit their comments in writing to the Chemistry Expert Committee.

To register for this Webinar, email Ilona Taunton([email protected]) and request an invitation to register. Registration is free and is required to attend.

A link is provided to the Interim Standard for your review prior to the meeting: Interim Standard EL-V1M4 Calibration (PDF).