TNI Issues Report on the State of National Accreditation

Date Posted: 12-15-2015

TNI's strategic plan calls for TNI to develop a "State of National Accreditation" report every two years and offer briefings to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Forum on Environmental Measurement (FEM) and Regional Science and Technology Directors. The Board of Directors recently approved this biennial report and forwarded it to the FEM.

Click here to view the report (PDF)

The report covers progress TNI has made towards accomplishing its goal of the generation of environmental data that is of known and documented quality, including significant advancements in standards development, expansion of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), Field Sampling and Measurement Organization (FSMO) accreditation, proficiency testing, and educational delivery and outreach. The report notes that the EPA has been a valuable partner in these efforts through their financial and other support.

TNI will offer a briefing to the Regional Science and Technology Directors and plans to develop a webinar around this report for delivery early next year.