Notice of Proposed Standards Activity

Date Posted: 4-19-2018

Volume 1, Module 3 of the NELAC Institute's (TNI) standards address "Quality Systems for Asbestos Testing.” The TNI Asbestos Testing Expert Committee (ATEC) seeks to review and update Volume 1, Module 3 of the Standard. The review will encompass a reorganization of Module 3 by technology, any Standard Comment Forms and responses from all stages of the previous standards development activity, any comments previously placed on hold during the previous standards development, Standards Interpretation Requests (SIR) resolutions and any recommendations made by ATEC during previous standards development activity for future consideration.

Pursuant to Section 5.2.1 of SOP 2-100 v2 (available on the TNI website) input is solicited from stakeholders and stakeholder groups who may subsequently adopt this standard as accreditation bodies, may be accredited to the standard, or may use data from asbestos testing laboratories. Those who are interested in participating and providing input into this process are invited to contact, within 30 days the ATEC Committee Chair, Myron Getman through e-mail [email protected] or the Consensus Standards Development Program Administrator, Ken Jackson, through email at [email protected]. The ATEC Committee will then arrange to meet with interested stakeholders by webinar or conference call.