NELAP and California Proposition 65

Date Posted: 4-9-2020

TNI's National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) was established to accredit environmental laboratories that test environmental media (e.g., air, soil, water) for environmental contaminants using test methods published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and other groups such as ASTM International and Standard Methods. Section 25900 of California's "Proposition 65" regulation contains a clause that among other entities, mentions laboratories accredited under NELAP. NELAP-accredited laboratories are not accredited to use test methods approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The test methods these laboratories do use are specific to environmental analysis and are not appropriate for consumer products. TNI cautions all NELAP-accredited laboratories to not imply their NELAP accreditation has any basis for testing consumer products. TNI recommends those seeking to have consumer products tested use an accredited lab from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.