Withdrawal of LA DOH from NELAP

Date Posted: 9-2-2020

On August 3, 2020, the Louisiana Department of Health formally notified the NELAP Accreditation Council of their intent to withdraw from NELAP on August 20, 2020 and revert back to a drinking water certification program based on the EPA certification manual. DOH currently accredits 9 laboratories, 3 in Louisiana and 6 out of state as a primary AB. DOH also recognizes 23 laboratories as a secondary AB. The primary reason for this decision was stated to be the cost to accredit the out of state laboratories.

Kristin Brown, Chair of the NELAP Accreditation Council, has reached out to these 9 laboratories to let them know that we are there to help them transition to another NELAP AB or NGAB if they choose to do so.  TNI plans to maintain their accreditation status in LAMS until their current certificate would expire at the end of the year. LA DOH will accept NELAP accreditations into its state certification program, so that the 23 labs with secondary recognition will need to work with LA DOH to ensure that they remain able to report data to LA DOH's drinking water program.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality continues to be a recognized NELAP accreditation Body for all fields of testing other than drinking water.