TNI White paper show the Value of Accreditation to the TNI Standard

Date Posted: 11-18-2020

TNI, after extensive research has concluded

"There is no doubt that accreditation to the TNI standard makes a difference in the quality of the data and in laboratory performance."

As stated in this White Paper, the "experiences of the laboratories that participated in this effort led TNI to believe that we need to redefine what we mean by "data quality". Providing quality data is much more than getting the right answer and being able to reconstruct the result. Quality includes confidence in the data as well as better laboratory operations. The laboratory QMS in and of itself does not generate better quality data, but if followed, ensures that the data will be of documented quality and that the laboratory management is committed to fostering a culture of quality. Laboratories accredited to the TNI standard have documented significant improvements which include efficiency, additional capability, and quicker reports. Traceability, training, sample tracking, and documentation all contribute to better decisions and contribute to laboratories with TNI accreditation having more confidence in their data."