Comment Invited on Recommended Changes to the SSAS Program Standards - Webinar to be held February 16, 2021 at 2pm Eastern

Date Posted: 2-1-2021

The TNI Stationary Source Audit Sample (SSAS) Expert Committee has reviewed Volume 1 Module 1 (General Requirements for SSAS Providers), Module 2 (General Requirements for an Accreditor of SSAS Providers), and Module 3 (General Requirements for Participation in the TNI SSAS Program) of the TNI 2014 SSAS Program standard. The purpose of the review was to determine if there were any needed changes/improvements to the current standards. The Committee will be holding a public webinar for feedback on Committee suggested changes/improvements and to gather input on other improvements that can be made to the SSAS Program standards.

Webinar:  February 16, 2021, 2 - 3:30pm EST (Tuesday)

To register for this Webinar, email Ilona Taunton ([email protected]) and request an invitation to register. There is no registration cost for this meeting.

A summary of possible changes/improvements to the Modules can be found at the following links:  Vol1-Mod1 (Microsoft Word), Vol1-Mod2 (Microsoft Word), and Vol1-Mod3 (Microsoft Word). Written comments regarding these documents are welcome and asked to be submitted within 30 days of the public webinar (due March 16, 2021). Comments may be submitted whether you attend the webinar or not.

Please contact Ilona Taunton or Sheri Heldstab (Chair, SSAS Expert Committee - [email protected]) with any questions.