Final Revised Asbestos Standard Posted

Date Posted: 7-25-2023

The TNI Asbestos Testing Expert Committee is providing notification of the Final Revised Standard for Asbestos Testing (EL V1M3, Rev. 3.0, 4.20.2022) approved by the committee on 10.20.2022.

The Notice of Intent to Modify the Standard was published on 9.28.2017. The Summary of proposed changes with a brief explanation of the Committee’s intentions was published on 12.22.2020. Prior to arrival at the final standard, two drafts were prepared and submitted for comments. All comments have been addressed and the required Response to Comments document was posted on 2.26.2023. The final version of EL V1M3 was also approved by the LASEC/AC.

Attached as per SOP 2-100, Rev.3.4 is a copy of EL1V3, Rev.3.0, 4.20.2022 and the justification document relating to all the changes in the previous version of the Module:

ELV1M3, Rev.3.0, 4.20.2022_final.pdf

ELV1M3, Justification Form_final.pdf